I was being educated, and the manuscript could barely keep up.

Alex A. Jones writes about art, ecology, and the occult. Jones is a 2022 recipient of the Andy Warhol Art Writers Grant. She is part of the experimental film collective Studio VIROSA, and “Minister of Strategic Possibilities” for the Art & Ecology nonprofit Mildred’s Lane.

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Selected Articles

[editor] The Queer Ecologies Research Collective, “A Glossary For Queer Ecologies,” Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, 2024 (forthcoming)

“Sahana Ramakrishnan: An Ocean of Time,” The Brooklyn Rail, October 2023.

“Kathy Ruttenberg: Twilight in the Garden of Hope, The Brooklyn Rail, September 2023.

The Aesthetics of Regeneration: Alex A. Jones on Harriet Feigenbaum,” 1 x 1 feature column, The Brooklyn Rail, May 2023.

Aneta Bartos: Monotropa Terrain,” The Brooklyn Rail, February 2023.

Grant Wallace: Over the Psychic Radio,” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2022.

Austin Osman Spare: Psychopathia Sexualis,” The Brooklyn Rail, September 2022. 

“Rites, Rituals, Passages.” The Brooklyn Rail, November 2021.

“Institute of Queer Ecology: Metamorphosis.” The Brooklyn Rail, September 2020.

“ecofeminism(s).” The Brooklyn Rail, Summer Issue 2020.

“Double Helix.” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2020.

“Pen + Brush.” (Special Feature Column) The Brooklyn Rail, September 2019.

“Shara Hughes with Alex A. Jones.” (Feature Interview) The Brooklyn Rail, June 2019.

“Hanne Tierney with Alex A. Jones.” (Feature Interview) The Brooklyn Rail, March 2019.

“Ella Kruglyanskaya: Fenix.” The Brooklyn Rail, February 2019.

“Wild Ass Beyond: Apocalypse RN” The Brooklyn Rail, December 2018.

“Ivy Haldeman: the Interesting Type.” The Brooklyn Rail, October 2018.

“Ellen Birkenblit with Alex A. Jones.” (Feature Interview) The Brooklyn Rail, September 2018.

“Summer Wheat: Swamp Hunters.” The Brooklyn Rail, July 2018.

“Resting Position: Angela Heisch at 106 Green Gallery.” The Brooklyn Rail, June 2018.

“Ecstatic Landscape: Darren Waterston at DC Moore Gallery.” The Brooklyn Rail, May 2018.

“We Are Ghosts: Mary Reid Kelley and Patrick Kelley.”The Brooklyn Rail, May 2018.

“Cymbals of Sleep Uncurtain the Night: John McAllister.” The Brooklyn Rail, April 2018.

Jones, Alex A. Thematic section texts and illustrated chronology. KUSAMA: 1945 to NOW, Edited by Mika Yoshitake and Doryun Chong. Hong Kong and London: M+ with Thames & Hudson, 2023. (forthcoming)

Jones, Alex A. “Nature and Cosmos in the Life of Yayoi Kusama.” In KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature, Edited by Mika Yoshitake. New York: New York Botanical Garden & Rizzoli, 2021.

Jones, Alex. “Annotated Bibliography.” In Yayoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors, Edited by Mika Yoshitake. New York and Washington, DC: Delmonico Books and Smithsonian Books, 2017.

Conferences, Lectures
The Queer Ecologies Research Collective: LAND/BODY/EROS, Mildred’s Lane (Narrowsburg NY) More information

Southeastern College Art Conference, October 2022 (Baltimore MD)  Paper: “Escape from Cthulhu: Cosmic Horror Beyond Lovecraft

Modern Language Association, Northeast Conference, March 2022 (Baltimore, MD) Paper: “The Cosmic Horror of Demon Seed (1977)” (Panel: Techno-Terrors: Representations of Death and Power in the Post-Internet)

Environmental History Workshop, “What Is Missing?”, 2022 (Waterville, Maine / NYC) Colby College – in my capacity as project editor / research coordinator for the ‘What is Missing?’ foundation, I conducted an undergraduate workshop teaching students how to conduct environmental history research

Mildred’s Lane, 2019 (Beach Lake, PA)
Artist Lecture: “Science Fiction as an Artistic Strategy”

Southeastern College Art Conference, 2017 (Columbus OH) Paper: “Desire to Become: Internet Art and the Death Drive” (Panel: ARS MORIENDI / Art of Death today)

Maryland Institute College of Art, Art & Ecology Program, 2017 (Baltimore, MD) Artist lecture: “Post-planetary Ecologies: The Intersection of Science Fiction and Ecological Thought”